The official site of the book Better Late Than Never Baby - Becoming a Mother Later in Life, written by Serena Kirby.

If you're over age 35 and about to become a mother - this is the book for you.


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happy baby of a first time older mum


Every mother wants the best for their child and to be the best mother they can. I asked Parent Educator, Larissa Jepsen, some important questions about new motherhood. Here is her wise and wonderful advice. What is your number one piece of advice for first time mums? If you ...

only child


Part One of a Three Part Series on being the older mother of an only child. Whether as a result of increased fatigue or decreased fertility, the reality is that many later in life mums have only one child. “Spoilt Brat”, “Little Emperor” or simply “The Boss”, ...

Happy belly, happy birth.


Your Birth, Your Choice. When I first heard Serena Kirby present about her book Better Late Than Never Baby, I was struck with her description of her baby as being “too precious to push”. She was guided by her carers to have an elective caesarean to bring her boy ...

midlife mother explosion


I’m mad! I’m so mad I just might explode. I’m sick of the media constantly bombarding older women with negative information and negative sentiments about later life motherhood. They say we’re selfish: selfish for putting career before children, for leaving motherhood ...