The official site of the book Better Late Than Never Baby - Becoming a Mother Later in Life, written by Serena Kirby.

If you're over age 35 and about to become a mother - this is the book for you.


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only child with pet


Part Two in my Only Child series  – How to help your ‘Only’ not be lonely. Undoubtedly the most noticeable drawback for the young ‘only’ child is the absence of a sibling playmate.  This often leads to heightened demands for parents to be the child’s ...

mother and baby


While politicians argue about the pros and cons of Paid Parental Schemes the health and welfare services for women in the early years after the birth go unexamined. The birth of an infant ushers in high levels of anxiety and depression, high levels of marital ...



There are plenty of news articles on the risks associated with later life pregnancy and we all know that good news usually takes a back seat. I talk at length about the myths and misconceptions in regards to medical complications in Better Late Than Never Baby but there is ...

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When you think of mothering, you might think of loving, picturesque scenes of mother and child(ren). You might imagine all-things good, safe and nurturing. Add graying hair, eyeglasses, drying skin and a host of maladies including hot flashes, insomnia, reduced height size ...

many mothers find it hard to ask for help


“Help me if you can I’m feeling down”… … they’re great song lyrics and something I was unable to say (let alone sing) when I was a new mum at 43. Women who become mothers later in life are notoriously bad at asking for help. Studies on older mothers prove it. ...

Should we 'push' for more Mother's Groups as a way of supporting new mums?


Motherhood… the hardest job you’ll ever do. It’s the job with not nearly enough social standing and recognition and yet it’s the job that creates future citizens. If we don’t do our job properly and aren’t supported while we do it, what price will we, and ...

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