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If you're over age 35 and about to become a mother - this is the book for you.


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Praise for Better Late Than Never Baby…

“In my  six years of working with midlife mothers, I’ve read many books and articles which address an array of issues (from a variety of viewpoints) facing this burgeoning group. However, reading Serena Kirby’s book was such a “gotcha” moment – that is, I realized that Serena fully understands the complexity of it all! Combine this fact with her obvious compassion and you’ve got a winner.

I’m making this a “must read” for all my groups and lectures. Not feeling alone, and feeling supported emotionally, physically, spiritually and finally, with knowledge, can only help us navigate these unchartered and tricky waters together. With her help, we can also be stronger in our life choices.

Kudos to Serena for seeing, detailing and presenting what we all need to know.”
Cyma Shapiro, midlife mother, writer and creator of and,  USA.


“Better Late Than Never Baby is a book that needed to be written. In my role as a Parent Educator I am seeing an increasing number of later-in-life Mums.  Surprisingly though, this expanding demographic has generated little acknowledgement from society.  Unlike other groups, such as Teenage Mothers, Single Mothers, Mothers of Multiples (twins, triplets etc.) who are all openly acknowledged and discussed, older mothers are not.

Serena breaks this silence.  And does so with respect, humour and the wisdom one can only gain from personal experience.  An experience she has courageously retold – warts and all.

This book will be of tremendous value to you if you are, or are about to become, a later-in-life mother.  I also feel it will be beneficial if you are in a position of personal or professional support to an older mother.  It has increased my understanding of this group enormously, from the factual statistics to the emotional aspects involved.

A highly enjoyable and informative read.”

Larissa Jepsen, Creator of Help A Mum (facebook community), Parent Educator and mother of three, New Zealand.


“In many ways Better Late than Never Baby is a self-help book as Serena talks about the health and wellbeing issues associated with later life motherhood. She cites a universal experience of fatigue, and talks about having an only child, as well as the mature aged dad. But, for me the real value in Serena’s work is her upfront account of becoming a mum. Her book fits into an ever-expanding body of work on the maternal that have sprung from the 1970s classic by Adrienne Rich, Of Woman Born.”

Dr Joan Garvan PhD, Doctor of Philosophy ANU Canberra, and first time mother at 42.


A great read! Serena Kirby has written an up-to-date reference book on some of the top issues we face as older mothers. In an easily digestible format, she covers many key topics with a bit of humour, including some areas not covered in many books: the “only child” and things to consider as many AMA moms do have one child; the mature-age dad and implications for the family since few of us are married to young men; and understanding fatigue, a common ground issue that many of us share, and some advice on overcoming it.

Most importantly, Serena is on the same wavelength as our Project: asking readers to consider “what really is the level of risk (in pregnancy) when it comes to you” and supporting them with “…you are not alone (and having a child means you rarely are).”

We are proud to have Better Late Than Never Baby on our list of Recommended Books.

Sharon Munroe, first-time mother at 40, Founder of The Advanced Maternal Age Project, Texas USA


“Reading Serena’s book was like having a conversation with a very good friend. Its light-hearted approach to a serious subject made it an easy read, allowing one to reflect on one’s own experience through a more humorous lens. I became a mother for the first time a month shy of my 42nd birthday and could relate to much of the book, and often felt validated while reading it.

As a midwife, academic and researcher, I could see that a lot of work went into producing this book and found that it was very well supported by evidence. Information is presented to the reader in a way that allows for informed decision-making. Serena makes suggestions based on evidence as opposed to providing instructions that need to be adhered to. It strongly conveys to the reader that flexibility, and doing what suits the individual, is paramount.
What the book also does well is bring out the gaps in knowledge that currently exist around childbearing later in the reproductive period and is therefore an excellent read for any researcher interested in this area.
This book is a must for older women who are childbearing, and their support network, as it will allow all involved to understand what is happening or may happen and to put strategies in place to diminish some of the negative aspects of the experience.
I also recommend it to health care professionals caring for such women, and their families, as it provides a view to the ‘lived experience’ as well as points you in the direction of evidence to support the care you provide.”
Dr Ravani Duggan, RM, RN, PhD. First-time mother at (nearly) 42.


“About time!  Or is it Better Late Than Never?  Thank you Serena for filling a niche with your informative and successful debut.  Older mothers all over the world will thank you too.  Easy to read, complicated subjects made easy, well researched, heartfelt and honest. As a paediatric health professional I meet many older mothers and their babies.  I know I will be a better advocate for them after reading this book.  I will be recommending this informative, highly enjoyable book to not only older mothers and fathers but all mothers and health professionals.  Looking forward to the next book.”

 Fiona Gilbert,  Registered Nurse, South Australia

“I loved this book. Its strength is the combination of the intensely personal and the facts and figures presented from the evidence base in the area. The stories of the author and the many parents she interviewed add an authenticity to the book that otherwise presents the current knowledge about being an older parent. But the real delight of the book is the humour that ties together the cold hard realities and the joys and triumphs of the parents. A must read for all older mothers and fathers too.”
Dr Ruth McConigley, RN, PhD 

“I’m 43 with a 19-month-old and want another but not sure my old body or my new husband will cope! Just loved this book and it was very informative. Finished it at midnight, just couldn’t put it down. All the best for the future with your gorgeous son.”

Suzanne C, Perth, Western Australia.


“Have only just started to read your book but felt compelled to email. I feel like I’m reading MY story. Thanks so much for showing me I’m not alone.”
Gina, Perth, Western Australia.


“You turn facts and stats into an interesting and worthwhile read. Thank you for sharing your story and your research.”
Sophie Madden, first-time mother at 39, Adelaide, South Australia.


“Serena Kirby knows what it is to go through the tsunami of change that is late-life motherhood. She generously shares her experiences and the years of research she put into understanding the unique challenges that older mothers face. By the time I’d finished this book, I had a long list of friends I thought would also benefit from reading it.”
Jennie Fitzhardinge, Counsellor, Western Australia.


“Am only at page 17 and am so into this book. Have to say – your world… my world… so similar – scary!”
Jane, first-time mother at 42, Perth, Western Australia.


“It’s a great thing you have done creating this resource for women. I have no doubt readers will find it very interesting.”
Lisa Cook, Albany Advertiser, Western Australia.


“Brave, raw, and thought-provoking for any woman thinking about starting a family later in life. Full of truth and dare. Balanced by humour and just enough information to make this a very useful read. I will be recommending this as a must-read to my own daughter and others contemplating the parenting journey.”

Kay Winton, Research Administration Manager, Sydney University, New South Wales.


“I’m not yet a mother and, to be honest, I was a little nervous at the thought of becoming an older mother. However, Serena’s helpful, frank and motivational book, has helped me to realise that being an older mother is not something to fear but something to embrace.”

Kylie P, hoping-to-be-a-mother, aged 34.


“I heard Serena present at the Australian College of Midwives Conference – and knew that I just had to get hold of some copies of the book for our lending library.  I couldn’t resist reading it over the weekend so one of the library copies is going to be slightly pre-loved before being put on our library shelves!  I thought the mix of personal experience, summarised research and signposts for where to go to get more information or help will greatly benefit mums out there.  Serena is also a passionate speaker and can really reach the people she is speaking to.  There is such a need for this discussion about support after baby is born and how we are going to navigate this biggest of all life’s rites of passage”
Pip Brennan, Manager of Community Midwifery WA.


“Serena has a way of expressing her experiences that left me with new insights and understanding. Loved this book!”

Oona Mansour, mother of two, Denmark, Western Australia.

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